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It all started with a simple, custom built blog to update family members on family news.

Now our sites are more than the average blog. They are media rich communities of interests.

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After more than active years of blogging, SkinnyMinnyMedia LLC retired the blogs that started it all.

Roni’s Weigh (aka WeightWatchen) was the blog that started it all. It began with a small weekly weigh in posted on a single page and blossomed into an active community of ‘losers’.

Roni's Weigh

Like food? Yeah… so do I. This site was all about food, from recipes to tips and ‘food finds’. All archived recipes are still available online.

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The UnWorldlyTravelers

The travel journal of 2 life long friends that long to see the world. We're still friends, we're just no longer blogging here any longer.

Screen Shot Green Lite Bites

For bloggers interested in fitness wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle, the FitBloggin conference was two days of education, networking, friendship and fun. SkinnyMinnyMedia solf FitBloggin' 2015 to pursure other interests.


No longer active. Developed on the NING platform, BlogToLose is a active weight lose community. At it's peak BlogToLose had over 8,000 members.


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